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Minnesota’s health care sector provides innovative care and reliable service to families across our state. Doctors, nurses, and health care administrators embrace and adhere to the rules and regulations placed before them while providing care that exceeds Minnesotans expectations.

The current oversight processes for health care entity transactions have been working very effectively for many years. Unfortunately, the state legislature is attempting to solve a problem that does not exist by giving the government immense authority over transactions between private companies, which will have negative unintended consequences.

What began as a simple, straightforward bill to address one proposed transaction – the Fairview/Sanford Merger – has morphed into a far-reaching and expansive overreach into the transactions of private organizations.

Through its attempt to increase oversight in this merger, HF 402/SF 1681 “Requirements for Certain Health Care Entity Transactions” institutes a requirement that will impact nearly every private sector medical sale or purchase. Inserting the government in the middle of these relationships will only delay care, stifle innovation, and restrict growth throughout Minnesota’s health care system.

The focus of this bill should remain narrow in scope as it relates to non-profit mergers and monopolies in the healthcare market. Currently, the Attorney General (AG) has the authority necessary to address these situations. Should the AG’s office need more tools or increased authority, new regulations should be limited to reflect that, rather than impacting the full private healthcare marketplace.

It is noble of our legislators to protect the state’s interests and rising health care costs, but what this bill seeks to do and what it will do are two different things. We need your help to tell legislators about the unintended consequences of this bill.

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What began with a simple, straightforward bill to address a specific proposed transaction has morphed into a far-reaching and expansive overreach into the transactions of private organizations.

This legislation is overly broad, adding unnecessary layers of regulation, red-tape, and oversight to the already heavily regulated health care system. The unintended consequences of this bill will have negative impacts to providers around the state leading to higher costs and a slower health care system.

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